Roggers-Abongo-profile Pic

Roggers Abong’o

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, KCA University Foundation

In December 2021, the University Council passed a resolution to establish KCA University Foundation, the aim was to strengthen the University’s capability to extend its support base for the development of KCA University. A year down the line, the KCA University Foundation has achieved great milestones.

Having been established as the resource mobilization arm of the University, it has truly lived up to its expectations. I therefore wish to give all our partners, potential donors, and stakeholders an assurance that we will stay true to the spirit of the Foundation’s establishment and deliver on our mandate.

Support for KCA University comes in many different forms: donations and major gifts, bequests, scholarships and bursaries, prizes, in kind products and services, this extends to contributions to periodic and annual fundraising activities. We also receive donations in kind, expert services and time commitment to the University through volunteer hours to support the course.


We expect that each year, thousands of alumni and friends, along with our corporate and foundation partners through the KCA University Foundation will provide significant support in so many ways to our great University. In fact, in fiscal year 2022, loyal donors made significant contributions in new gifts, pledges, Endowment and Scholarship support. This level of support is indicative of the strong loyalty, passion and commitment that so many alumni and friends have for KCA University. It encourages me when I hear stories from people whose lives have been transformed by KCA University, and they decide to give back. It is for this simple reason that I love and cherish what I do, since it is the primary purpose for which our Foundation was established.

We have developed a Strategic Plan (2022 – 2026) for the Foundation which is intentional, strategic and provides guidance that will (1) build upon our innumerable successes of supporting the needy and deserving students to become leaders in a global society and actualize their dreams, (2) ensure effective Foundation governance and operating excellence, (3) accelerate implementation of the KCA University’s Infrastructure Master Plan, (4) encourage more philanthropic giving from alumni and corporations to increase endowments needed for scholarships, and (5) build on profound donor engagement initiatives aimed at meeting donor thrust while fulfilling the Foundation’s mission.
Your philanthropic giving will enable the University to provide much needed student, faculty, research and infrastructure support. We do acknowledge your interest in the KCA University Foundation and your deep understanding of the need for private and/or corporate support. We have a team of officers who are self-driven, motivated and always ready to support you in your giving quest.


Philanthropists do not necessarily have the MONEY; they just have the HEART.
Thank you very much for being part of our journey.