KCA University launches cycling tour to raise Ksh. 25m for needy students

KCA University has launched a cycling tour to raise funds for needy students. Ten professional cyclists and four students will on Friday ride from Nairobi to Meru to raise Sh25 million to support needy students at the university. “This initiative is being coordinated by KCA Foundation which has set its strategic pillars to include focusing on creating a plan for the foundation events that engage donors and advance fundraising activities,” said KCA University VC &CEO Prof. Isaiah I.C. Wakindiki. Prof. Isaiah I.C. Wakindiki spoke yesterday when the cyclists were unveiled at the university. The cycling event seeks to capitalize on its donors, alumni, friends and partners to raise funds. The VC promised to ensure prudent use of the money raised.
“We are committed to be accountable to all our partners. To the people who are giving half a million or Sh200 towards the fund, it does not mean they don’t have a purpose for it. And its only that we commit ourselves to account to you every detail of the money that you entrusts us within the name of KCA scholarship,” he said.
The event, he said, also coincides KCA launches cycling tour to raise Sh25m for needy students with the World Physical Activity Day that will be marked tomorrow. According to Deputy Vice Chancellor Joshua Bagaka, the university has about 20 students, mostly government-sponsored, who are struggling with school fees.

Most Affected
“The government-sponsored students are the most affected because they are normally not informed about other expenses like food, hostel accommodation among others and parents knowing they are government-sponsored give them very little pocket money from as low as Sh3,000, which runs out within a month and they become desperate” said Prof. Joshua Bagaka’s

He added: “We have actually witnessed young people going without food, skipping meals and missing on some basic things. Also, we have seen things change midway like when they reach a third or fourth year and maybe a parent or guardian dies, lose a job among other events that affect their learning.”
Last year, Prof. Joshua Bagaka’s started Teke La Mwisho scholarship initiative after two students came to his office with fees challenges. The don supported them and one has now completed.
He recalled how one time they found a student who became so desperate that he would sleep in the library to escape some expenses. One can support the initiative by sending money through M-Pesa Paybill No.400200 and AC No 01129124629400 or through the university’s bank account whose details are on the university’s website.
[Jonah Onyango, Standard Media]